Regalia Miami Exclusive Living


Miami is the destination for billionaires willing to live luxury lives. The many luxury condos spreading all over the city and the suburbs explain it all. If you still don’t see the real estate industry going the luxurious way in Miami, perhaps you need to visit the Regalia Miami tower. It’s a tower specifically designed to fulfill the desires of comfort and elegance. After completion back in 2014, the project has recorded success with residents and the industry rating it very high. For sure, it is among the finest in the entire South Florida region with such exclusive places like Fisher Island real estate. There is no much competition from within the neighbors as it is the case with many other luxury condos that lie side by side. 360 degrees view of the neighborhood including the beaches and the Atlantic Ocean is guaranteed from every floor. The tower spans 46 floors up with an appealing design.

An exclusive place to live

For middle and high pyramid rated people, living is not just anywhere, it is living in classic places. That’s why their main focus is Miami Beach condos for sale , Bal Harbour real estate or South Beach condos for sale. At least life becomes fun when you live in a high end condo that you deserve. If you are that kind that has been seeking for the perfect residence on the beach front, then the Regalia condos should be the destination. You have the option of whether to buy a unit or rent. Units are either 4 bedrooms or 5 bedrooms. Rent ranges between $37,000 and $39,000. If you are for the option to buy a condo, the price will range between $8,990,000 and $10,500,000. I suppose you go buy a unit as once you start living in there, you will get addicted to the place. Shifting will not be an option with such classic services and design. Its better you finish it up and buy on a permanent basis. Since 2014, the Regalia towers has been an exclusive place for luxury lifestyles. It is a recommended option amongst other condos in the entire Miami.

Iconic design

The tower spans from level one all the way to 46th level. Piles of luxury on top each other for willing people to take a share of the fun. The shape of it is kind of organic. No straights but curves dominate on the sides and balconies. According to architect Bernando Fort-Brescia, the design borrows much from the waves in the Atlantic Ocean just next to it and the sandy beaches. Arquitectonica is the firm led by the Bernando and it is known for the classic designs produced in the past and now including for ongoing luxury-based projects. The design is eye-catching even from afar which gives credit to the design team and the construction team that made it happen. Along the Sunny Isles Beach condos line, the Regalia Sunny Isles For Sale tower stands out.

Imagine owning an entire level

In many condos, the floors are designed to accommodate several units for several residents to share the level. Well, people need to forget that on entering the Regalia tower. It’s the only condominium where a single resident owns the entire floor. That appears to be a dream but it’s the truth. And you don’t pay extra for that. The rates are moderate as in the luxury real estate market. Space is never an issue in the tower and privacy is maximally guaranteed. From the elevator, you are home. Only you and your visitors will press the button to your level. It is the same as having a bungalow high in the sky like in Porsche Design Tower or Estates At Acqualina. Or interference but just you and your people.

All amenities availed

You don’t need to keep going out for basic services. All is availed within the tower boundaries. 3rd and 4th floor are set aside for amenities and facilities including a spa, fitness center, private pools etc. extras are availed on the rooftop with pools, personal spa and sun deck waiting for people wishing to make fun when on top of the world. Inside the units, amenities are the best you can think of. There are balconies that allow a 360 degrees view of the bay, ocean and the city beneath. Kitchen cabinetry, custom doors and classic lighting are also on the list of expectations. Multimedia customization, ultimate security, private elevators and smart home technology closes the chapter of classic amenities that see through residents lead happy and comfortable lives ever.

Place of elegance and fun

Living in the Regalia Miami is resort-like. The one you can find in Acqualina Residences Miami or Turnberry Sunny Isles. That brings the impression of a paradise within Sunny Isles. Everything you need is available right there. Elegance, luxury and convenience are blend together to form a unique package. Nearing the beach and being centrally located in Sunny Isles are added advantage not forgetting that security is not compromised in any way? Interior designs are classic with the final touch that is likeable in the eyes of all. Servants are ever available when you need help in anything.


As a matter of fact, nothing great goes unrecognized. The design of the Regalia Miami is simply captivating. The people of the Miami has discussed the design with appreciation all over the city for the last3 years and yet they are still talking about it now. The tower has been named as the best residential condo development severally winning awards like Acqualina Mansions. They won the platinum list award as the Ocean Home magazine indicated in 2015. The tower has attracted attention from all over the globe with celebrities considering it for business and art. And yet more is on the way coming.

Luxury Homes and Condos in Miami

When Alan Faena declared high-end project in Miami Beach 3 years past, the area’s housing market was riding a high wave of rising values because it recovered from the recent real estate downturn.
In the years once its launch, Faena House became an emblem of the heights to that developers may take the luxurious market, shattering Miami-Dade’s residential value record with the $60 million sale of its penthouse unit to the hedge fund mogul from new York.
But four months once the new buyer closed on Faena’s duplex flat, he placed it back on the marketplace for a complete of $73 million. The main reason and short explanation was changes at his plans. Considering broker prices, closing fees and possible negotiation hedge fund mogul won’t make much money out of this deal.
By early August, $148 million value of Faena residences were up for sale, representing concerning twenty percent of the units within the tower. The same is true for several of Miami’s shiny new luxury buildings and homes at Golden Beach florida.
The same is true for several other luxury projects. Inventory is up on the high-end market and buyers are not ready to make their moves.
With sales slow and many of competition, several of Miami’s biggest developers face a tough decisions Launch currently and risk failure, or stay time till ensuing demand cycle, that may take years to fall out.
The new development that started earlier in the cycle like Porsche Towers Sunny Isles Beach has done very well. Sales started in 2013 for the 57-story Porsche style Tower, set in Sunny Isles Beach, and most of the units have closed.
The other developments in the early years have been successfully built and completely sold out are regalia Miami and world famous St Regis Bal Harbour.
Regalia Miami is a truly unique project. It has been completed in the year of 2014. It consists only of thirty nine finest full floor residences with unbelievable 360 degree views of the Atlantic Ocean, Intracoastal waterway, Miami Beach, Downtown Miami, Golden Beach. It has a truly unique location. Being the last high rise development in the north point of Sunny isles beach regalia situated on the edge of Golden beach that contains only single family homes. This provides complete unobstructed magnificent south views for each residents in Regalia even for the units on the lower floors. Penthouse unit in this development is still owned by the developers and maybe available for sale for about $40 million.
Another incredibly popular recent development is St Regis Bal Harbour. Location here is also one of the most desirable in town. It’s right across famous and most luxurious Bal Harbour shops with all its glamorous boutiques and restaurants. St Regis has three towers. South and North towers are strictly for the owners to use and enjoy and the center tower is for the hotel guests. Center tower also contains private owned units that can be enrolled in the hotel program for a great income generation purpose. St Regis Bal Harbour offers unparalleled amenities which are two restaurants on site, multiple swimming pools, Jacuzzi, state of the art fitness center, fully equipped spa, concierge service, valet and so much more.

Lastly, one of the most iconic development down north from bal harbor is Acqualina Spa Resort. This is truly very reputable brand that associates with the top quality, exceptional service and magnificent views at the best location. With Acqulina expansion and two new towers known as Estates at Acqualina the entire site will occupy over 3 acres of oceanfront site, four towers which are Acqualina Miami condos for sale, Mansions at Acqualina and two upcoming Estates at Acqualina developments. If one is looking for best of the best at high-end luxury developments on the ocean in Miami Acqualina would be a great choice for a great family gate away as a second home or prime residence.
For best deals contact a professional real estate agent in the area and make sure you get a great help and assistance with buying your oceanfront property in Miami.